Every Bro Has a Story

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10 Crazy Things You Didn’t Know About Master Bro, Bill Murray

Bill Murray, much like Hugh Hefner—is on the high council of Bros. From SNL, to Ghostbusters and Zombieland, when you see his name in the credits, it’s one that doesn’t incite any rage in a Bro soul, unlike the name Keanu or Robert Pattinson. He showed us that life is the ultimate party and anyone can have their own “Cinderella story.” If your new roommate can’t tell you at least 6 Bill Murray films that are among his favorites, they are not a Bro and should be considered an enemy—to be dealt with in an extremely violent and hostile manner! He just celebrated his birthday so let’s celebrate with 10 little-known facts about the legend that could potentially turn your brain into oatmeal to be devoured by the thousand year old spirit of Wilford Brimley.

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